Is it possible to open a bank account in Turkey online?

After the Covid-19 pandemic, Turkish regulations and laws approved the possibility of opening a bank account online without the need for a person to come to a bank branch, as was the usual method before the pandemic, by working on a new electronic work system, which allows users to provide banking services in Turkey.

What are the most famous banks in Turkey?

  • İş Bankası










What are the Arabic speaking banks in Turkey?

There are several Arabic-speaking banks that support their customers through customer services in Arabic, such as:



  • DENIZ BANK with large shares of the United Arab Emirates

Types of bank account in Turkey

1. Current account

It is the account that does not have a term, and is characterized by being able to deposit and withdraw funds at any time, and does not result in any profits.

Through the current account, several banking services can be implemented, such as:

  • Funds transfers

  • Checkbook transactions.

  • Repayment of loans and credit cards.

  • Payment of contributions, fees and rent.

  • Payment of invoices, taxes, insurance premiums and social security.

  • Trading securities

  • Transfer between foreign currencies and precious metals.

  • Payment of periodic premiums.

  • Automated payment orders.

2. Sharing account

It is a type of account that allows the distribution of returns - within the scope of the profit and loss partnership - between the account holder and the bank that operates according to the participatory system.

Funds raised from participating accounts are used to finance the trade, industry and services sectors in line with the principles of interest-free Islamic banking services.

The most important point in this system is not to set the rate of return at the beginning, but at the end of the term.

3. Current gold account

It is an indefinite type of account, offering the opportunity to evaluate savings in the form of gold, and some banks provide the assessment of savings by the price of other metals.

A bank gold account can be used for saving. Gold can be bought or sold at any time at the price of gold at its time.

The minimum deal is usually 0.01 grams.

4. Other types of bank accounts

There are other types of bank accounts provided by some banks in Turkey, such as the insurance account, the term savings account, and others.

How to open a bank account in Turkey online?

Opening a bank account in Turkey online is not difficult, as it requires a Turkish identity, proof of residence and a Turkish phone number, then call one of the bank numbers in which you want to open an account to start the account opening procedures and upload the required documents on their websites designated for this process.

Documents required to open a bank account in Turkey online

There must be some paperwork to complete the process of opening a bank account in Turkey online.

  • Turkish ID (residency card permit for non-Turks)

  • Proof of residence

  • Turkish phone number.

  • Signing the registration form.

Conditions for opening a bank account in Turkey online

Turkish banks do not require any additional conditions, except that the documents required to open a bank account in Turkey online are available, and that the applicant must open a bank account with all the laws and provisions of Turkey and the bank itself. Some banks require translation of travel documents and some do not, and other things Detailed things that the customer service system tells you.
FAQs about Bank accounts

There is no doubt that the naturalized in Turkey have all the rights that the Turkish citizen fully has, without any difference, and it is natural that he has the right to open a bank account in any bank that the naturalized wants
Currently, foreigners cannot open a bank account in Turkey online
There are some banks that allow opening a bank account without residency, and in general, most banks help in opening the account, even if you do not have residency. The best solution is to tell the situation to the employee you deal with, and he will find an appropriate solution for you through his experience with the laws of the bank.

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