What is a "Noter" in Turkey?

The Notary in Turkey is a necessity that every resident, citizen and coming to Turkey deals with, which is an office, in which all papers and documents are documented, so that no other party is forced to verify the authenticity of seals and documents, and includes in its powers the documentation of various types of real estate and non-real estate contracts. That is what will be explained.

What are the tasks of a Noter?

The first and foremost tasks of the Notary are the certification of documents (passports, birth certificates, personal cards, marriage contracts, leases, driving documents, certificates of education at all levels), as well as the functions of public and private agencies. In addition to documenting trade agreements, signatures, and seals, any document requiring translation into Turkish should be a Notary mission to confirm its validity.

The most important documents that are certified by Noter in Turkey

There are many documents that require notarization, such as marriage contracts, study certificates, driver’s certificates, personal identity, passports, public and private agencies, sales and purchase contracts, and rent, in addition to invitation requests to visit Turkey.

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What is the cost of the Notary in Turkey for the year 2021?

Notary prices vary from time to time, depending on the document, its type and number of pages, and the cost of the notifier in Turkey for the year 2021 is:

  • Car sales fees between 207 and 275 TL.
  • The documentation fee for a one-sided document is between 70 to 79 TL.
  • Document fees for a two-sided document are between 80 to 120 TL.
  • Power of attorney fee, 192 TL.

What are the working hours of the Noter in Turkey?

Notary offices work in Turkish territory from nine in the morning until five in the evening, except on Saturdays and Sundays of every week.

Alternate Noter

The Turkish government has made - to facilitate people - shift offices to manage many things, and these offices can be searched through a link in which we specify the state and date to give us the addresses of the shift offices

The link of the alternate Noter in Istanbul

The Turkish government has provided a link through which we know the shift offices, by choosing the name of the city and the date in which we would like to search for shift offices, and here is the link to the alternate Noter in Istanbul.

Where can I find Notary offices?

In each region of the Turkish provinces, Notary has offices, and they can be searched through the Google Maps application, which directs us to the nearest office.

How to make the notarization procedures?

The notarization procedures are very easy, as it is enough to translate the documents to be certified through a sworn translator, then go to the Notary office, and hand over the original with the translation under the seal of the sworn translator, and after paying the costs, the documents are certified and officially approved.

Notarization in Turkey

The importance of translating documents into Turkish

There is great importance for translating documents into Turkish, as official departments, universities, and various institutions do not accept the presence of any document not certified by the notary public.

Refrences: Union of Noter (Notaries) in Turkey

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