Establishing a medical clinic in Turkey

In Turkey's efforts to allow all foreign doctors and all disciplines to work in the country, a foreign doctor with Turkish citizenship who has passed the matriculation examination in the Turkish capital Ankara has the right to open a clinic on Turkish territory.

Conditions for establishing a medical clinic in Turkey

  • Submitting an application to the Ministry of Health by a Turkish doctor
  • Obtaining a work permit indicating the registration of the medical clinic
  • Compliance with the conditions for the construction of the clinic established by the Ministry of Health
  • Implementing policies that conform to global medical standards, including the separation and removal of medical waste.

Law on the employment of foreign doctors in Turkey

The Law on the Employment of Foreign Doctors in Turkey has the right to work in all areas of medicine in private institutions within Turkey except (dentist, pharmacist, nanny, midwife) and excluding people of Turkish origin.

Documents required to establish a medical clinic in Turkey

  • A medical certificate for a Turkish citizen
  • Submission of documents demonstrating the conformity of the building of the clinic with the comprehensive standards set by the Turkish Ministry of Health
  • Application to the Tax Office
  • Social Security Institute
  • Municipality
  • Chamber of Commerce/ Trade Associations
  • Ministry of Health

Required specifications in the medical clinic in Turkey

  • Patients' rooms should be in a position that allows them to have direct lighting and sufficient sunlight, and their floors and walls should be easy to clean and suitable for disinfection.
  • The width of the patient room door is not less than one meter and ten centimeters
  • Toilets and showers in the patient rooms are arranged so as to open outwards.
  • Rooms containing two patient beds should be appropriately separated for use when necessary.
  • There is a reception section
  • The emergency unit must have an easily accessible entrance separate from the main entrance to the building, suitable for transporting ambulances and the entrance and exit of the vehicle
  • Presence of stairs, corridors, and elevators
  • The presence of generators and power supplies
  • Presence of washbasins, toilets, and showers
  • Implementation of a temporary ventilation system that maintains a clean environment in the clinic

Stages of establishing a medical clinic in Turkey

  • Application to the Tax Office
  • Social Security Institute
  • Municipality
  • Chamber of Commerce/ Trade Associations
  • Ministry of Health
  • Choosing a separate building from residential buildings

We tried to provide information about the stage of establishment in general above. But the point that should not be forgotten is that every investment initiative may face some differences, so it must be studied well at the beginning and a road map must be drawn accordingly.

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Establishment of a medical clinic in Turkey

Costs of establishing a medical clinic in Turkey

The cost of establishing a medical clinic in Turkey will vary depending on the state, the location of the clinic within the state, and its size, all depending on the nature of the capital determined by the quality of the medical equipment and equipment, and the value of the building rent.

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Conditions for working as a doctor in Turkey

  • Equivalency of medical certificate
  • There is no legal impediment to the doctor
  • Turkish language certificate level (B 2) from an accredited center
  • The foreigner submits an application to the private institution in which he intends to work.
  • Stages and how to obtain a work permit in the field of medicine
  • Securing a document from the doctor’s country that proves that there is nothing to prevent the practice of the profession.
  • Compulsory professional financial insurance.
  • Obtaining a work-related residence permit
  • Certificate equivalency document
  • Turkish language certificate B 2
  • Contract of remuneration for the doctor to be paid by the private institution in which he or she will work
  • The documents are sent to the city health directorate.
  • If the documents are complete, they are sent to the Ministry of Health for evaluation
  • If the evaluation is positive, he will be given the professional practice document after registering the certificate.
  • The doctor can submit a request to obtain a work permit through the profession practice document, through the Health Directorate.

Medical degree equivalency in Turkey

  1. Speaking and writing in Turkish
  2. Submitting the papers to the Turkish Higher Education Institution (YOK), which will transfer the papers to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to write to the country of the applicant for the amendment request, and officially confirm that he has graduated from the university.
  3. After checking the regularity of the documents, the applicant enters the formula exam called STS.

STS Dental Certificate Equivalency Exam

It cannot be entered unless it is officially confirmed that the applicant has obtained a university degree in dentistry from the university from which the bachelor's degree was issued, and this takes place within official correspondence between the Turkish Foreign Ministry and the foreign ministry of the country in which the university is located.

The exam is held twice a year in the Turkish capital, Ankara, and in the Turkish language. The exam covers all the information that the dental student studied in the university years from theoretical subjects and surgical procedures.

The test consists of 120 questions, for two and a half hours, the applicant must get the mark of 60 and above for success, with attention to the fact that the wrong question removes the correct question, i.e. only when she is sure it is true, that the question system is interrelated and interrelated.

After success, the applicant has received formal approval for the dental profession in Turkey.

After a successful examination, a doctor's training was added for three to four months.

It must be noted that Turkish law stipulates that a person obtains Turkish citizenship to work officially, even if he passes the equivalency exam.

The duration of the acquisition of the equation varies depending on the speed with which the results of the correspondence between Turkish Foreign Affairs and the State in which the University is located.

Anyone who has obtained the equivalency can work as a physician’s assistant in any hospital or medical center.

As for the material cost of the equation, it is less than $200, including documents, stamps, and fees.

Can a foreign dentist practice medicine in Turkey?

Turkish law stipulates that a foreign doctor is prohibited from practicing the profession of dentistry, except after amending the dental certificate and obtaining Turkish citizenship.

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