Following the instructions issued by the Presidency of Foreigners Affairs of the General Directorate of Land Registry and Land Survey, regarding raising the value of the property eligible for citizenship to $400,000, which was decided to enter into force on June 13, 2022, the following was stated:

  1. All requests to register the explanation for buying a property with the aim of obtaining Turkish citizenship were submitted through the Title Deed website before 12AM on 12/06/2022 and approved by including the required documents (currency purchase document, appraisal report, and payment receipt ) the Turkish citizenship transactions will be completed on the old amount of $250,000.

As for the applications that are still in the stage of obtaining the appointments, they will not be accepted due to the inability to complete them before the required time.

  1. Applications in which the purchase with the purpose of citizenship, and which have been terminated at the stage of conducting the conformity document transaction, will be able to be pursued provided that the parties to the contract (buyer and seller) do not change.
  2. Requests that are missing any of the documents related to the real estate appraisal (the currency purchase document, the evaluation report or the payment receipt) will be stopped, while an opportunity will be given 20 days to complete the documents without any deficiency, and the owners of these transactions will be informed of their suspension by receiving short messages to the phone.
  3. The applicants have the right to present the currency purchase document before 12/06/2022, which were rejected before starting the pledge transaction for not achieving the required value or a deficiency in one of the documents showing the value of the property such as the evaluation report, and the owners of these applications have the right to complete this deficiency and apply for an explanation of the purchase In order to obtain citizenship before the specified date and complete the procedures for obtaining citizenship worth $250,000.

For example:

In the event that the foreign citizen Mr. A made a pledge to purchase the property for Turkish citizenship on 09/06/2022 and then found out as a result of the audit carried out by the concerned directorate on 10/06/2022 that the property does not achieve a value of $250,000 and the file was closed based on that. The foreigner submits an additional payment receipt proving that the value of his payments for the purchase of the citizenship property has reached $250,000, the application will be renewed on 06/15/2022 and the citizenship treatment for this foreigner will be followed up at a value of $250,000 for the property eligible for Turkish citizenship.

  1. The applications that obtained the matching document after submitting the pledge to purchase the property for citizenship and then stopped due to lack of other documents, their transactions will be completed according to the value of $250,000.
  2. In the case of real estate in which the transaction of the pledge to buy the property for Turkish citizenship was completed, then the pledge was considered canceled because it was found that the value of $250,000 was not met at the stage of getting the conformity document, or because it was found that there was a shortage of documents such as the currency purchase document, the real estate evaluation report, or the receipt of payment, these files will be treated on the new limit of the amount of Turkish citizenship, which is $400,000.
  3. In the case of real estate for which a sale contract/ forward sale contract has been organized in Notary and registered in the Title Deed without having submitted an explanation of purchase with the aim of obtaining citizenship, or if the explanation for citizenship was not made following the rules before the mentioned date, their transactions will be completed according to the amount specified in the new decision.


In the event that the foreign citizen Mr. B. purchased the property No. 1 located on Island No. 1 and Sector No. 101, on 10/06/2022, he has not yet submitted an application for an explanation of non-sale for a period of three years by virtue of purchase with the aim of obtaining Turkish citizenship, he will not be able to reach the end of the transaction of submitting an explanation for the purchase of the property for Turkish citizenship, even if he started it a few days before 06/13/2022, so his transaction will be completed after 06/13/2022 and therefore he will be required to pay an amount of 400,000 Turkish liras to obtain Turkish citizenship.

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Reference: Directorate of Foreigners Affairs

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