The foreigner's presence on Turkish territory requires a legal justification on the basis of which he is granted a residence permit. The duration of such permit and its renewability vary and whether or not he is eligible to apply for Turkish citizenship.

In general, when a foreigner enters the Turkish territory legally through border crossings or ports and airports, he is granted a legal residence period on the entry stamp, the duration of which varies from one nationality to another. In the event that the foreigner wishes to reside for a longer period, then the application is submitted through the government immigration department to issue a residence permit before the end of his legal residence period.

The Turkish government grants foreigners wishing to reside on its lands residence permits in several forms:

Types of long-term residence permits in Turkey

Family residence permit

This residence permit is granted to a foreigner married to a Turkish citizen, and its legal term is up to 3 years, renewable if the marital relationship continues.

This residence permit qualifies the foreigner to obtain Turkish citizenship if he has been married to a Turkish citizen for a period of 3 years, during which good behavior and living as a married couple in one house are proven. The family residency also qualifies for obtaining permanent residency.

Work permit

When the foreigner obtains a work permit from the Turkish Ministry of Labor in the country, he is granted residence under the work permit.

This residence permit is renewed every two years, and it is one of the types of residence permits that qualifies the holder to apply for Turkish citizenship, after five continuous years and continuing to work for the same employer.

Humanitarian residence permit

This residence in Turkey is granted under the international agreement signed in Geneva in 1951, and it falls within humanitarian cases in which the resident in Turkey was unable to obtain his residence permit normally, or to obtain a residence permit routinely for several different reasons.

Victims of human trafficking residence permit

This type of residence permit in Turkey is given to a foreigner who has been a victim of human trafficking, where he is granted a residence permit for 30 days, and it can be renewed for a period of 6 months several times, provided that the total period does not exceed 3 years.

Types of short-term residence permits in Turkey

Tourist residence permit

It’s classified as short-term residency and is granted to a foreigner who wishes to stay for a longer period in Turkey for tourism and recreation purposes, and their duration ranges from one to two years.

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Student residence permit

A legal residence permit is granted by the Turkish authorities to a foreign student registered in and studying at a Turkish university, and it is renewed for the duration of his studies.

Real estate residence permit

When a foreigner owns property in Turkey, he is granted a legal residence permit by virtue of his ownership of that property, and its period is up to two years, subject to renewal in the event that he continues to own the property.

Turkish citizenship is not granted by owning a property in Turkey unless the total value of the property owned reaches $400,000 transferred from outside the country.

Investor residence permit

Residency is granted to foreign businessmen who have commercial relations and want to do business in Turkey, so that they submit a letter of invitation from Turkish companies or Turkish businessmen, and thus are granted residency for a period exceeding three months.

Treatment residence permit

This legal residence in Turkey is granted to foreigners coming to Turkey for the purpose of treatment, and it is granted based on a reservation from a private or public Turkish hospital, provided that the foreigner is not a carrier of a disease that threatens public health.

Compulsory residence permit

It’s one of the types of a short residence in Turkey, and it is granted to a foreigner based on a request or a decision issued by the judicial or administrative authorities in Turkey, and its duration is determined by the authority that issued the application.

Turkish language learning residence permit

The Turkish government offers a legal residence permit to foreigners who are enrolled in courses to learn the Turkish language in specialized institutes recognized by the Turkish Ministry of Education, and this residence is renewed at least twice.

Graduation residence permit

A foreigner who has completed his graduate or university studies in Turkey is granted a short-term residence permit in Turkey to complete the graduation procedures and receive his certificate.

Investment study residence permit

A foreigner who can provide proof of his intention to establish an investment project in Turkey, and that he wishes to establish an investment study in the country before starting his project, the Turkish authorities grant him a short-term residence for this reason.

Residence permit for Turkish Cypriot citizens

This type of residency is granted to citizens of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, provided that the duration of each period does not exceed five years at most.

Internship residence permit

The residence permit granted for this purpose is organized based on the information and documents that show the content of the training course offered by the institution and the duration and location of this course, and the duration of stay is limited to the duration of the program.

Student exchange residence permit

These are residences granted to international students participating in the academic student exchange system between Turkish and foreign universities such as (Erasmus, Mevlana, Farabi..etc.).


Conditions for obtaining short-term residence permits in Turkey

According to Article 32 of the Foreigners' Law in Turkey, the conditions for obtaining a short residence in Turkey are as follows:

  • Present the supporting documents and information indicating the purpose and purpose of the residence in Turkey
  • To have housing conditions appropriate to the standards of security and public health
  • Provide information about the address at which the foreigner will reside in Turkey
  • Submit a document on the criminal record of the person concerned, from the country in which he was residing (if requested by the competent employee)


Reasons for refusing short-term residence permits in Turkey

  • If it turns out that the residence permit was used for purposes contrary to the purpose of granting the residence permit
  • Issuance of a deportation decision against him or the existence of a ban preventing him from entering Turkish territory
  • In the event of a violation of the period of his stay outside the country
  • Lack of one of the conditions required for granting a residence permit

Countries allowed to enter with a Turkish residence permit without a visa

The Turkish residency holder can enter 4 countries without a prior entry visa, and these countries are:

  • Armenia
  • Georgia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Northern Turkish Cyprus

Countries allowed to enter with a Turkish residence with a visa

The holder of residence in Turkey can enter some countries on his residence permit, but by issuing a prior entry visa, and these countries are as follows:

  • Bosnia
  • Romania
  • Kosovo
  • Albania
  • Serbia

Types of residence permits in Turkey

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