Learn in detail ways of obtaining a family residence permit in Turkey, its conditions, advantages, required documents and costs.

What's a family residence permit in Turkey?

First, we must define the legal framework for a family residence permit, which falls under articles 34 to 37 of the Foreign and International Protection Act. In addition to articles 30 to 34 of the implementing regulations on the International Protection Act.

The family residence permit is granted to members of a single family on the condition that a grantor is present in that family. The grantor is either a Turkish citizen who grants residence to family members who are not Turkish citizens, or a person who has a job in Turkey and who regularly grants it to family members.

Advantages of a family residence permit in Turkey

The benefits of a family residence permit are similar to those of a residence permit, in terms of ease of movement within Turkey, entry and exit from Turkey without having to obtain a new visa as long as it is valid and children's access to free education at pre-university levels.

The most prominent advantage of the family residence permit is that all members of the family have access to social security, whether the father or the mother has access to it, in terms of free treatment at all state hospitals. Some discounts are available in some private hospitals, in addition to being able to apply for Turkish citizenship after 3 years.

family residence permit in Turkey

Conditions for obtaining a family residence permit in Turkey

  • The presence of an entry seal into Turkey, whether new or old
  • Existence of a regular marriage document
  • Valid family passports
  • The applicant has a home address registered in the Turkish Population Department
  • Confirming marriage for a Turkish citizen who wants to give it to his non-Turkish wife
  • The naturalized person cannot give a family residence permit to the father or mother

Steps to apply for a family residence permit in Turkey

  • Booking an electronic interview with the Turkish Immigration Department
  • Keeping a hard copy of the date for submission with the required paperwork
  • Collection of all required documents, in a separate category for each family member
  • Attention to the fact that the payment of family residence permit fees is exclusively in Turkish lira and in cash

How to book a family residence permit in Turkey?

This can be done through the dedicated migration website, and we at Gars Consulting Company can help you with that by contacting us via email or phone number ( 00905019009999  ).

apply for a family residence permit in Turkey

Required documents for a family residence permit in Turkey

  • A copy of the work residence of the person granting a family residence permit
  • A copy of Turkish Husband ID
  • Previous residence in case of a request for extension
  • A copy of the Turkish family book and a family statement of who has a work residence
  • Registered address at the Population Department
  • 4 photographs per person
  • Statement by the Turkish SGK of those with a work residence
  • Medical insurance covering the stay of husband and wife of a Turkish citizen who does not own (SGK)
  • Statement of salary from the company in which the person with a job permit works, whereas the Turkish person can submit
  • Bank statement
  • Not Sentenced Document
  • A copy of valid passport
  • Subsistence allowance fee
  • Visa allowance fee

Cost and fees of the family residence permit in Turkey

family residence permit fees and costs vary depending on the duration of the application for residence. Depending on the duration of the employment of the foreigner and the nationality of the applicant. Financial fees vary according to nationality, and this is governed by the nature of entry into Turkey, with or without Visa.

The duration of the family residence permit in Turkey

In the case of a Turkish married person who receives it for three years, if he or she is a foreign person with a work residence and wants to extract it for his or her wife and children, they receive it depending on the duration of the employment stay, i.e. if it is one year and they take it one year.

Renewal of family residence permit in Turkey

  • A family residence permit must be renewed before its termination, and according to the Foreigner Act, it can be extended 60 days before its expiration.
  • If there is no change in housing and passport information, requests for renewal shall be submitted by e-mail. The required documents, which are the same as those requested when you are first extracted for residence, are sent through the PTT official mail and when they are issued, are sent to your residence address provided in the documents.
  • If there is a change in the above information, the applicant must go to the Immigration Department, renew it and amend it before applying for renewal of residence.

Questions about family residence permit in Turkey

Does a family residence permit grant Turkish citizenship?

A person who is married to a Turkish citizen gets citizenship three years after obtaining a family residence permit, by applying for it and often comes up with admission.

Can the family residence permit be renovated from outside Turkey?

Yes, it can if there are no changes to the information first provided when getting a family residence permit, such as place of residence and passport information.

Do children get family residence permit in Turkey?

All children may be granted a family residence permit on the condition that they are under the age of 18.

Do children over the age of 18 receive a family residence permit in Turkey?

We regret to say that Turkish law does not allow this.

Does health insurance cover the whole family in Turkey?

Yes, all family members have the right to get the family residence permit, visit state hospitals and benefit from SGK insurance.

Should the marriage be confirmed in Turkey for a family residence permit?

Confirming marriage for a person who is married to a Turkish citizen is essential, while the foreigner has sufficient family book from the original home or family statement.

Can you grant a family residence permit to more than one wife?

Turkish law allows one wife to obtain a family residence permit, and children to a married person of more than one can grant a residence permit to children of all wives, but if the second wife is outside Turkey, a certified agency approved by the Turkish consulate in the wife's country showing her consent to the non-Turkish party in order to issue residence to the child, together with certain documents on the child such as the birth certificate.


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