The Presidency of the Foreigners Department of the General Directorate of Land Registry and Land Survey of Turkey issued a circular containing several amendments to the articles related to the ownership of multinationals in Turkey.

Newly obtained Turkish citizenships are treated like Turks:

The most important provisions of the aforementioned amendments are the following:

Anyone who has recently obtained Turkish citizenship can own property in Turkey as a Turkish citizen, even if his/her original citizenship is one of the nationalities prohibited from owning in Turkey.

The circular singled out Turks of Syrian nationality who were previously imposed by Turkish law on certain restrictions on ownership in Turkey because of their Syrian origins, which means removing all restrictions on their ownership.

The situation of Syrians holding foreign nationalities:

The aforementioned amendments regarding a foreign national holding two nationalities, one of which is prohibited from owning and the other is not prohibited from owning in Turkey, stipulate that he/she is prevented from owning because of his/her original nationality, which is prohibited from owning.

The circular is cited as an example: a foreign citizen holding Syrian and German citizenship at the same time, as he will be treated in the matter of ownership based on the Syrian nationality, which is prohibited from owning in Turkey.

The circular also provided that a foreign national born in a country that is prohibited from owning Turkish citizenship may own Turkish nationality on the condition that a document establishing his or her assets is produced in Turkey.

For example:

A Palestinian born in Syria must prove that he/she does not hold Syrian nationality by his/her birth in Syrian territory, otherwise he/she will be treated in the matter of ownership by the Syrian nationality, which is prohibited from owning in Turkey.

Foreigners who owned, before the decision, no deformations in their status:

The new circular provided for the treatment of citizens of dual nationality, one of which was prohibited from owning property in Turkey before that decision, in before with the nationality on which they had acquired property.

For example, a foreign citizen holds Syrian and Sudanese citizenship at the same time, and before this decision, he/she owned a Sudanese passport, then the title deed transactions will be carried out for the real estate he/she owns on the basis that he/she is Sudanese.

Two important notes:

  • The General Directorate of Registry in Ankara is referred to regarding Syrian citizens whose real estate is already registered in their name, or a property has been transferred to their name through a court decision (for example, inheritance), and ownership requests for Syrian citizens will be rejected directly.
  • Decisions to prevent or allow foreign nationals to own property may change according to the public interest.


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