All you want to know about car insurance in Turkey, its types and costs, and the benefits of Gars Consulting Company as one of the best companies to offer car insurance.

Types of car and vehicle insurance in Turkey

Vehicle insurance is a written contract between two parties, the first party; an insurance company, the second party; the owner. Under this contract, the insurer, the company, is obliged to make reparation and compensate the owner of the vehicle for damage to his vehicle in accordance with the agreement provided for in the contract.

There are two insurance schemes, compulsory insurance, which is a type of policy that makes up for damages caused to the other party and, in this regard, if they cause an accident while on the road. Traffic insurance is required by law, and in cases where you don't get your traffic insurance or renew your expired insurance policy before you put your vehicle into traffic, your vehicle is banned from traffic.

There is another insurance; private insurance will be identified in detail.

vehicle insurance in Turkey

Mandatory or compulsory insurance

Mandatory insurance is called traffic insurance which is imposed by law on anyone who owns a road-moving vehicle. This type of insurance covers the liability of the owner and the driver of the vehicle to others for any physical injury caused by the vehicle. This mandatory insurance is also responsible for compensating injured persons inside the insured vehicle, as well as injuries caused to road pedestrians by the vehicle.

What does mandatory insurance include?

Regardless of whether the driver is mistaken or not, the insurance company's liability includes bodily injury according to the law, and is of undefined value, it is responsible for:

  • Provide medical treatment to the injured until he or she is fully healed or stabilized.
  • Compensation for all financial obligations incurred as a result of the accident.
  • Compensation for death in the event of an accident

Supplementary comprehensive insurance (CASCO)

It is optional vehicle insurance, in which case the owner of the vehicle chooses to cover his vehicle in full protection. Under this comprehensive contract, protection is included on the insured vehicle and all damage to the owner and others.

What's CASCO insurance include?

The matter varies from a company to another under the terms of the contract, but the insurance generally includes:

  • Vehicles collision with or without motor engines allowed to be driven on highways or railroads.
  • A fixed or moving object crashes into a moving or stationary vehicle outside the will of the insurer or driver due to sudden and external factors, collisions with such object or accidents such as overturns, falls or the car rolling.
  • Losses resulting from bad faith or harmful acts of third parties or persons without legal capacity.
  • The car caught fire.
  • Stealing or attempting to steal a vehicle or parts of it

There is also extensive insurance in addition to the terms of the contract, covering all the above-mentioned sets of guarantees, as well as certain risks that may exist within the scope of the guarantee, with an additional agreement in these general conditions, such as:

  • Car crashes, collision, overturn, fall, rolling, burning and stealing
  • Damage caused by strikes, sit-ins, civil unrest and terrorist acts.
  • Damage caused by earthquakes and other natural disasters.
  • Flood damage.
  • Damage to vehicles withdrawn by unauthorized persons.
  • Damage caused by rodents and other animals.
  • Stealing vehicles with the key.
  • Stealing keys.
  • Replacıng the car warranty.
  • New assessment guarantee
  • Small repair services.
  • Ensuring legal protection.
  • Ensuring voluntary financial responsibility.
  • Personal accident seat guarantee.
  • Ensure protection without claims.

There are also additional optional guarantees, including:

  • Warranty abroad
  • Secure movables.
  • Cash guarantee.

Costs of car insurance in Turkey

Depending on the model and brand of the vehicle, the age of the vehicle, the experience of the driver, the date of the accident, and the distance traveled by the vehicle are also taken into account. HASAR is also important, which is the value of money that insurance companies in Turkey pay on the car during the accident. Its importance lies in the fact that it determines who made the mistake during the accident, and if there is a significant limitation, the amount of insurance will rise.

The other most important point in determining insurance costs belongs to the city in which you live as it is one of the most important things taken into account in calculating compulsory traffic insurance; the reason for this is that insurance companies set accident rates by city, as cities with high accident rates can pay more insurance shares.

The compulsory traffic insurance rates for 2021 in Turkey are as follows: for motor vehicles, the cheapest traffic insurance is in the provinces of Adiyaman, Aydin, Hatay, Hakkari, Isparta, Kars, Kastamonu, Mugla, Mardin, Tokat, Trabzon, Usak ith 709 Turkish lira and the most expensive compulsory traffic insurance being in Istanbul, amounting to 792 Turkish lira.

Benefits and advantages of car insurance in Turkey

In the types of compulsory insurance, insurance services are indispensable for the completion of your transactions and procedures, or non-mandatory insurance, its quality and success are determined by the quality, reliability and quality of the service provider's health insurance between public and private insurance.

In general, there are several benefits to vehicle insurance, including:

  • Feeling protected: Vehicle insurance protects the owner from loss, when a vehicle insurance contract is committed, the damage is covered and protected under this contract so that the person feels safe and the anxiety disappears. This does not mean carelessly neglecting and causing accidents. There are bodies - whether by the police or insurance companies - that are responsible for investigating the cause of the accident, but if it is found to be premeditated, there is no compensation for the accident, and it may even be punished for the act.
  • Social stability: Protecting society from conflicts between its members is one of the benefits of insurance. If there is no insurance for vehicles, there will be more conflicts, either in the courts, or conflicts will become quarrels and the use of force to restore rights. In the case of vehicle insurance, people will go beyond this, go to insurance companies with their demands, and may have to go to court, but generally many disputes and discounts are shortened amicably by insurers.

If your car is in an accident, you can take advantage of the minimum coverage limits depending on the range of your vehicles under mandatory traffic insurance.

The amount of material damage to your damaged car; The maximum per vehicle is known as 41,000 TL, and the maximum per incident is 82,000 TL, for people who are suffering from health problems as a result of an accident; the maximum for an individual is 410,000 TL, and the limit for each accident is 2,050,000 TL.

The best car insurance companies in Turkey

There are many companies providing vehicle insurance, primarily Gars Consulting Company, as it offers integrated services in the field of car insurance, at the best prices, with a wide range of services related to vehicles, and from companies as well:

Allianz Sigorta AŞ

Anadolu Anonim Türk Sigorta Şirketi

Aksigorta AŞ

Axa Sigorta AŞ

Mapfre Sigorta AŞ

Sompo Japan Sigorta AŞ

Ziraat Sigorta AŞ

Güneş Sigorta AŞ

Halk Sigorta AŞ

Doğa Sigorta AŞ

Find out about car insurance (sigorta) in Turkey

To find out about the car's insurance, to identify the brand model of the car, or if there is a change in the license plate and the location of the registration. A message may be sent to 5664, with the following code: DETAY followed by the car number, In Turkey, the plate number consists of a state key, three letters, three digits, for example, DETAY 34XXX333.

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