With many investors wanting to obtain Turkish citizenship, in this article, we will learn about the rights and duties of a Turkish citizen.

What are the rights of a Turkish citizen?

Turkish law grants a set of rights and duties to Turkish citizens, and here citizens must know these rights and legislation well, because the more you know the rights and duties of the Turkish citizen, the more you can practice life in safety and peace.

Among the most important rights that a Turkish citizen obtains, as follows:

Take advantage of economic facilities inside and outside Turkey

The Turkish government, through the institutions affiliated with the Ministry of Economy, has granted many economic facilities and many services to Turkish and foreign investors and businessmen alike. These economic facilities in Turkey can be known through the following points:

  • Establishing a fair wage policy for employees working in government institutions. It is the duty of the state to do what is necessary for employees to obtain fair wages appropriate for their work, and to benefit from social benefits.
  • The right to own real estate, cars, all types of movable property, and others, and register them in the state records.
  • The right to make investments in all their forms.
  • The right to open bank accounts in various governmental and private banks.
  • Possibility to participate in all economic activities, organized by the public or private sectors in Turkey.
  • The right to buy and sell different types of real estate.
  • Raising the standard of living for citizens, and creating suitable working conditions for them.
  • Take the necessary measures to prevent unemployment, and determine the minimum wage.
  • Flexible laws facilitate the work of investors to make investments.
  • Among the advantages granted by Turkish citizens is to raise the average per capita income in Turkey from about $2,800 to $10,500 annually, and to secure an economic cycle with continuous and sustainable growth.
  • Giving facilities for the establishment of companies of all kinds (individual companies, personal companies, limited liability companies, and joint-stock companies).
  • Supporting the industrial sector (such as facilitating tax procedures) and granting the owners of industrial establishments many privileges, such as tax cuts and abolition in some sectors of industry, such as car factories and iron and steel factories.
  • Turkey introduced more reforms in the banking sectors and provided support to the local investor by finding ways to finance the owners of companies and emerging investments, bringing them to growth levels, and working to reduce interest and encourage the local market to produce.
  • The right to form a professional union for workers. Employers have the right to establish unions and organizations (such as federations) to protect their economic and social rights and interests.
  • The right to work and receive a salary not less than the minimum wage set by the Turkish government.
  • The right to health and social security.

Obtaining the Turkish passport

According to the passport index website, which specializes in classifying passports around the world, the Turkish passport is ranked 41st in the world, with access to countries of the world up to 56%, and the Turkish passport holder can enter 62 countries around the world without a prior visa, and 45 countries with an immediate visa upon arrival, and 5 countries with an electronic visa.

Advantages Of The Turkish Passport Holder

Residence and travel within Turkey without restrictions

Turkish laws legislated within the rights of citizenship and political duties of the Turkish Constitution some rights that guarantee the eligibility of residence and free movement without restrictions within the Turkish territory, and the right of residence falls under the following rights:

  • Obtaining all personal documents, such as ID card, passport, residence document, driving certificate, and other documents that are required of a Turkish citizen.
  • The right to confirm marriage, register births, and register deaths.
  • The right to inheritance and succession according to Turkish laws.
  • The right to obtain all civil rights of Turkish citizens.
  • Freedom of movement within Turkish territory.
  • One of the advantages of the Turkish passport is that it gives freedom to travel outside Turkey and return to it.
  • The right to grant Turkish citizenship to a foreign wife and children from a non-Turkish mother.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of personal data provided to Turkish government institutions, and not share it with any third party, without the permission of the Turkish citizen.

High-quality healthcare

The health services provided by the Turkish government through the construction of modern hospitals, and health facilities built on solid and strong foundations, are among the most important features of the country in terms of health care provided to Turkish citizens or those with Turkish citizenship.

It is worth noting that the health sector in Turkey is characterized by great development, the efficiency of medical personnel that provides health services, and the reliance on the latest devices and modern technologies in treatment processes.

In addition, the Social Security Law in Turkey allows all workers in state institutions and the private sector to benefit from health care services, which allow treatment in government hospitals for free, and the purchase of medicines at reduced prices.

For people who do not fall under the Social Security Law, the Turkish government grants them a green card, which allows them to obtain free treatment in state hospitals, and to benefit from discounts on drug prices as well.

High educational services

Education is free for all Turkish students in Turkish schools, universities, and institutes, as well as a large number of private institutions and scientific societies, which are interested in providing scholarships to Turkish students at all educational levels.

In addition to hundreds of universities and government institutes that provide the highest levels of education, the state has worked to establish a range of social facilities and university housing, which guarantee students an ideal study life.

Candidacy and election rights

Based on Article No. 101 of the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey, a Turkish citizen who has completed his university studies, completed his forty years of age, and met the conditions for running for parliament, has the right to run for the presidency and to be elected directly by the people.

Similarly, Turkish law allows for electoral alliances, before the deadline for elections, to be submitted to Parliament, which means that two or more parties will be grouped together within an alliance placed on the ballot paper. In addition, voters have the right to vote for the alliance as a whole or can vote for one of the parties.

How does Gars Consulting company help me become a Turkish citizen?

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Reference: Aljazeera, Passport index, Presidency of the Republic of Turkey, and Wikipedia

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