Ways to obtain Turkish citizenship for investors

Like many countries around the world, Turkey grants, under its own law, the right of citizenship to a foreign investor in the country, in order to attract foreign investments.

Therefore, the foreign investor in Turkey is granted Turkish citizenship in several investment cases, mentioned in detail by the Turkish law on the naturalization of foreigners through investment, which are as follows

  • Investing in fixed financial assets

A foreign investor is granted Turkish citizenship if he invests in fixed assets of $500,000 or its equivalent value in Turkish lira or other foreign currencies.

These assets are in the form of factories, factories, or commercial centers within Turkey, or even official government bonds.

  • Investing in real estate purchase

A foreign investor can obtain Turkish citizenship if he buys real estate in Turkey worth $250,000, provided that he does not sell it within a period of 3 years.

Four countries around the world are excluded from this law on the principle of reciprocity, namely Cuba, North Korea, Armenia and Syria.

  • Investing in a bank deposit

Turkish law allows granting Turkish citizenship to a foreign investor if he deposits $500,000 in a Turkish bank for 3 consecutive years.

  • Investing in buying shares

A foreign investor in Turkey can obtain Turkish citizenship when buying Turkish shares from Turkish Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) or venture capital funds (VCTs).

  • Investing in providing job opportunities for Turkish citizens

Turkish law gives the foreign investor the right to obtain Turkish citizenship if he provides job opportunities for 50 Turkish citizens within his organization.

how to get the Turkish citizenship

Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship for investors

The cases in which Turkish citizenship is granted to foreign investors include general conditions as explained in Turkish law, which are:

  • The investor should be one of the nationalities covered by the law (especially with regard to the purchase of real estate).
  • The investment must meet the declared financial value in each case
  • The integrity of the personal data of the investor and his family (wife and children under the age of 18) when submitted.
  • A pledge to fulfill the investment period (3 years) before reselling or withdrawing
  • The money used in the investment must be transferred from outside Turkey
  • The foreign investor does not pose a threat to Turkish national security

What are the documents required to obtain Turkish citizenship for investors?

When applying for citizenship by foreign investors, it is required to submit the required documents to the Investment Office of the Presidency of the Republic. Accordingly, the investor must generally submit the following documents:

  • A copy of the residence permit in Turkey for the investor
  • Marriage document translated into Turkish in an approved and certified
  • A family statement translated into Turkish and certified
  • 4 biometric photos of the investor and his family (wife and children under the age of 18).
  • Passport copies of the investor and all his family members
  • Birth certificate for all applicants for citizenship (the investor and his family).
  • Conformity certificate for the investment from the competent directorate (evidence document according to the status and type of investment).
  • A health certificate proving that he is free from dangerous diseases
  • A special agency for a lawyer to manage and follow up the process of obtaining citizenship

As for the additional required documents from the above, that is, that will be added to the aforementioned documents:

First: When investing by purchasing a property, the following documents are added to the citizenship file

  • A copy of the title deed of the purchased property, or a contract of promise to sell certified by a notary public
  • The real estate appraisal report
  • Original payment receipts from the buyer's account, stamped with a seal from the sending bank
  • Basic receivables from the seller's account stamped with a live seal from the receiving bank

Second: When investing by employing Turks in your organization, the following documents are added to the citizenship file:

  • A document proving the employment of workers and the payment of their due insurance

Turkish nationality

Stages and procedures for obtaining Turkish citizenship for investors

The stages and procedures that the investor’s naturalization file goes through in Turkey are among the fastest and easiest, given the importance of the foreign investment sector, where the period for obtaining citizenship often does not exceed 6 months.

The stages and procedures that they go through to obtain Turkish citizenship for foreign investors are summarized as follows:

  • Executing the investment on its own terms
  • Obtaining a conformity document (proof document according to the status and type of investment)
  • Submit a citizenship application at the Investment Office
  • Security check-up
  • Issuance of a naturalization decision

What is the period for obtaining Turkish citizenship for investors?

There is no approved specific period for obtaining Turkish citizenship for foreign investors, but after submitting the file, it takes its routine procedures with the relevant authorities in the Turkish government.

Accordingly, it can be said that according to the files that were completed by the Gars Consulting Company, the file of naturalization for foreign investors takes a period of 3 months to 6 months, and it is rarely shorter or longer.

How does Gars Consulting Company facilitate obtaining Turkish citizenship for investors?

Gars Consulting Company has a group of Turkish lawyers with extensive experience in Turkish laws, and therefore the citizenship file is submitted in a professional way that ensures that the file is accepted by government agencies without any problems.

The company also works to overcome difficulties for the investor through a special agency for our company, and then takes all necessary measures to prepare the citizenship file for the investor and his family without the need to go back and forth from the person concerned.


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