What is the trademark?

The trademark is like the names of people. It symbolizes the identity of the company, and it is a linguistic symbol, design symbol, drawings, colors, or any sign that distinguishes one identity from another corporate identity, to be a company’s logo, and this mark indicates the company and expresses Its various activities, and it has rights and protection no less than the rights of any company's products and activities, and the trademark gives any company advanced competitive advantages, and this mark is important in the company's protection of its products, and it also facilitates communication between the company and customers.

What are the types of trademarks?

There are many types of trademarks according to coverage, allocation, and purposes, according to stages. There is a trademark of manufacture, to indicate the product that is made and the place where it is made, there is a trademark of trade to indicate the source of sale, not the source of manufacture, how much is the case with the trademark of manufacture, there is a trademark of service, and restaurants, banks, and tourism companies have no products, they provide services that distinguish them from the services of another company, there are special brands, the trademark of events and the media.

Should a trademark be registered?

Registration of a trademark gives it legal protection, particularly for competitive companies, and it is not mandatory to register a trademark, but this means that there is a risk of theft.

Should a trademark be registered

International trademark registration

The registration of the trademark in Turkey is linked only to it, which means that the trademark must be registered internationally to protect it outside the scope of the Turkish state if the company’s activity is not limited to the Turkish territory, by registering it in the Madrid Protocol, as this protocol gives the right to protect the mark in all countries registered in terms of this protocol.

Trademark registration in Turkey

The Republic of Turkey offers the possibility of trademark registration in the Trademark and Patent Corporation (TPE) as the trademark protects the activities of the company, prevents fraud in its name, and protects it from forgery.

Corporate trademark registration

Registration of the corporate brand requires the identification of the business activity of the company, as well as the identification of the trademark, and should be unique and not correspond to any other brand, with a special logo, and then payment of fees and taxes associated with the brand.

Registration of an individual trademark

The individual's trademark can be registered by submitting a copy of the ID card, finding a logo expressing the trademark, with an official power of attorney (certified by the notary).

Where is the trademark registered in Turkey?

The trademark is registered with the Trademark and Patent Corporation (TPE).

Stages of trademark registration in Turkey

After determining the business activity of the company, determining the brand name, designing the logo, and submitting it to the TPE, the application shall be evaluated to ensure that there is no match with another trademark and shall be granted a provisional certificate. If the application for the trademark whose defects have been submitted or corrected during the statutory period, and after payment of the required fees, the application shall be registered and made available for practice.

Documents required to register a trademark in Turkey

After identifying the brand and the company's activities, the applicant's name, address and contact information must be shown. If the applicant is a real person, then his national number is required, and if the applicant is a legal person, the tax number, then the receipt for payment of fees to the Turkish Patent Institution.

Conditions for registering a trademark in Turkey

The business activity of the company for which the trademark is to be registered must be determined.

The brand does not match any other mark, with a special logo.

Pay fees and taxes.

The cost of trademark registration in Turkey

The fee for trademark registration in Turkey is 321.61 TL, and the design registration application fee is 54.24 TL.

The cost of registering a trademark internationally

The cost of registering a trademark internationally is about $200.

The services of the Gars company in the matter of trademark registration in Turkey

Gars company is responsible for registering the trademarks of its agents and clients, by submitting full documents, getting the tax number, following up the registration at the Turkish patent institution, and doing whatever is necessary to ensure that a trademark is in accordance with due process of law.

Turkey's Trademark Protection Act

Turkey is a member state of the Nice Industrial Property Protection Convention, and the purpose of this law is to protect the rights of trademarks, geographical indications, designs, patents, utility models, and traditional product names, thus contributing to technological, economic, and social progress, and includes in addition to the above, registration and post-registration procedures and penalties Legal and penal for violation of these rights.


FAQs about trademark registration in Turkey

Yes, a trademark can be registered without opening a company in Turkey.
There are no annual fees on the trademark, and there are no taxes, except to renew the trademark registration after ten years.
Registering a trademark in the company's name provides wide options for the company's activities.

Three different language alternatives can be offered.

Logos may be registered as trademarks, but are not included.
A trademark is a right that has legal value, which can be bought and sold.

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