Given the importance of the title deed as the document through which property ownership in Turkey is proven, Gars Consulting Company offers you a set of general and comprehensive tips on this important topic, highlighting the most important points that should be considered when buying a property in Turkey.

How to get the title deed?

With easy steps, and without much effort and time, you can get your title deed for your new property in Turkey, according to an advanced electronic system that guarantees you to establish your right to the property.

But, before that, here is some important information related to obtaining the title deed, with a quick overview of the most important points that precede the registration of the title deed.

  • Make sure to register the title deed in the real estate registry!

Registering the property with a regular title deed in the Land Registry is an essential guarantee to preserve your right to own property.

Therefore, before proceeding with the completion of your real estate transaction, we advise you to make sure that the title deed of the property is duly registered with the competent departments.

  • Make sure that there is no seizure, lien or confiscation!

This is done by reviewing the Title Deed Department and verifying the property’s record from the presence of a seizure or mortgage on it, or the presence of a confiscation decision or any other problem that poses a risk to the transfer of ownership of the property.

  • Make sure you complete all the documents required for the title deed transaction!

Before heading to the Title Deed Department to confirm the ownership of your new property... what documents should you bring with you?

  1. A copy of the personal identity of the new property buyer.
  2. Or the official agency document in the event that the buyer appoints someone to represent him.
  3. One personal (biometric) photo of the seller, and two photos of the buyer.
  4. Getting a tax number (for foreign buyer)
  5. Real estate registry document.
  6. Earthquake and disaster insurance policy (Kasko).
  7. A common allowance document from the municipality to which the property belongs.
  8. Real estate appraisal report (for foreigners).
  • Getting a tax number

The tax number in Turkey "Vergi Numarası": It is a number assigned by the Turkish government to every foreign person residing on its territory, through which many financial transactions are controlled, in relation to legal and official matters.

Obtaining this number does not require an official residence in Turkey, but this number is granted based on a passport number, with a copy of the passport translation certified by a notary.

The tax number is obtained easily and within only two minutes, by visiting the tax department in any Turkish city.

  • Ensure that the title deed information is correct before completing the purchase process

Pay attention to the correctness of the information recorded in the title deed and its conformity with the information of the apartment to be purchased, in terms of area, floor height, building name, apartment number and additional apartment accessories.

  • Completing the sale process in the presence of the buyer or his agent

The real estate purchase process can’t be done except in the presence of the new real estate buyer, or in the presence of his agent acting on his behalf, according to an official power of attorney from the consulate of the mother country or the Turkish embassy located there.

  • Completing the process of transferring real estate ownership (relinquishing real estate) in the Real Estate Registry Department

The process of relinquishing the property is carried out in the Real Estate Registry Department, in the presence of the original property owner and the new buyer, after presenting the required documents, and the owner’s signature on his relinquishment of the property in favor of the buyer, then the title deed of the new owner is issued.

  • Pay Title deed fees in Turkey

Title deed fees are calculated on the basis of 4% of the property price, to be paid equally between the seller and the buyer.

title deed in turkey


To whom does Gars Consulting Company provide its services?

Gars Consulting Company offers its advisory services, real estate registration service, in addition to Turkish citizenship services through investment, through its team, which has abundant experience and full knowledge of Turkish legal affairs, which includes elite Turkish and Arab lawyers.

Our services in the real estate sector include:

  • Getting the title deed for individuals

The service of registering real estate assets and getting title deeds for individuals, by servicing the ownership process in accordance with legal controls, with the help of our specialized and professional team.

  • Issuance of title deed for companies

We also direct our services in this context to real estate companies, by serving their clients and implementing all the necessary services to register their properties and pay their taxes, in addition to submitting and following up on Turkish citizenship files.

In addition to a wide range of services for all your legal affairs in Turkey.


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