It is known that the procedures for the registration of property ownership in Turkey are carried out within the General Directorate of Land Registry, which constitutes pressure and increases the time for conducting such types of transactions, but the Turkish Minister of Justice Bekir Bozdag announced that the Turkish government will allow real estate buying and selling transactions In the notary's circles throughout the Republic of Turkey, indicating that this new system will satisfy the auditors, and facilitate the process of completing these transactions.

It is noteworthy that the transactions of buying and selling real estate in Turkey are being completed and documented at the present time within the General Directorate of Land Registry, Land Registry Survey of Land Registry, its directorates, and sub-departments spread in all Turkish states and regions.

Details of the decision to register property ownership in Turkey

Regarding the details related to the system of registering purchase and sale transactions, which will come into force during the coming period, Minister Bozdag confirmed that this system will provide great facilities in the transactions of registering the sale of real estate in Turkey, stressing that it will be an additional option for auditors and not a substitute for completing these transactions in the administrative units of the General Directorate for Title Deed.

Mr. Bozdag said in a media statement to him: "With the adoption of the new system, we will make it possible to complete real estate registration transactions in the Notary departments in addition to the Title deed registration directorates, then the citizen will have the option to complete the transactions related to the registration of the sale of the property, between conducting them in the Notary departments or the title deeds directorates."

Bozdag added: "The General Directorate of Land Registry, in cooperation with the Union of Notary Departments, will work to establish a system that allows the completion of real estate buying and selling transactions in Turkey and transferring its ownership in a smooth and safe manner, which will ensure that the transaction is transferred to the records of the Title Deed Directorate as soon as it is completed with the Notary."

More easy and compact

The human rights expert, Oğuz Kara, said: "The new system will give the real estate sales contracts completed in the Notary departments more formality, and will add more documentation to the property registration transaction in Turkey, as it is linked to the signing of the two parties and their approval of the property transfer process in the presence of the notary public", stressing this will reduce disputes over sales contracts on the one hand, and on the other hand will contribute to preventing fraud.

Regarding the ease that this system will add to the transactions of transferring and registering property ownership in Turkey, Mr. Kara said: “We can compare the new system of real estate transactions to the system of registering the sale of cars and vehicles in Turkey, which was previously dealt with exclusively in traffic directorates, and today the Traffic Directorate is transferring ownership of the carts are based on an agreement between the two parties to be concluded at the notary, and it is known that the transition to this system had made transactions more easy and flexible.”

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