As Turkey has opened up the possibility for a number of types of investors to apply for Turkish citizenship for their investments on its territory, and a group of persons is directed to take advantage of the right to obtain citizenship on the basis of Ottoman ancestry, marriage or even exceptional nationality, the services of Turkish citizenship lawyers, Turkish law experts or specialized legal companies have naturally been increasingly needed.

Is it necessary to hire a lawyer for the purpose of obtaining Turkish citizenship?

Legally, there is no binding need for a lawyer to pursue Turkish citizenship proceedings, which is the same in all legal proceedings, where any person or investor can apply for Turkish citizenship on his or her own and without having a lawyer, and he or she can hire an ordinary person on his or her behalf.

However, the urgent need to apply legal procedures without obstacles in the course of the naturalization process, without a shortage of documents or any legal glitches, and the need to search for easier and faster ways of conducting the naturalization process, was an important reason for hiring a lawyer specializing in such services.

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Duties of a competent lawyer for the purposes of obtaining Turkish citizenship

The duty of a lawyer begins at the moment of his or her legal authorization by the person concerned and, on the basis of his or her agency, he or she submits the application for citizenship to the relevant authority, in each case, after the file has been processed with the required documents.

It is the responsibility of the appointed lawyer to prepare all the required documents that can be obtained in Turkey, after providing the necessary and required documents from the person concerned, such as the personal identification documents of the applicant, his wife, and children who meet the conditions, which they must provide from their country of origin.

After submitting the file and conducting the interview, the lawyer for Turkish nationality follows up the files step by step, resolving the emergency problems that are brought to his attention, such as securing additional documents if requested.

Ways to obtain Turkish citizenship in which you need a lawyer

There are many ways to apply for Turkish citizenship, between an exceptional nationality that includes forms of investment of all kinds, including real estate investment, marriage, or through assets, which we will discuss in the following paragraphs:

1.  Turkish citizenship by buying a property

It is one of the most popular methods of acquiring Turkish citizenship, whereby Turkish law allows real estate investors who have purchased more than $250,000 of real estate in Turkey under specified conditions the right to apply for Turkish citizenship, including both the landlord and his wife and children under 18 years of age.

In such a case, the application must include a set of necessary documents to complete the application file in its ideal form.

Naturalization files pass through 7 stages in all cases of Turkish citizenship, which include the stages of application, security study, document integrity and accuracy, archive, and other stages, but they differ in their speed from one case to another.

Real estate investment is the fastest naturalization method ever, as the process of naturalization through real estate investment takes approximately 3 months onwards.

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2.  Turkish citizenship by investment

This includes the types of investments determined by Turkish law, according to which the investor obtains the right to apply for Turkish citizenship, and the most prominent forms of these investments are:

  • Investing in stocks with a value of 500,000 TL
  • Hiring 50 employees of Turkish nationals
  • A bank deposit of $500,000 for 3 years.

3.  Turkish citizenship through Ottoman ancestry

That is, by proving the lineage of Ottoman origins through one of the applicant's relatives from the point of view of his origins or branches.

This order requires proof of descent through an Ottoman or military document belonging to the Ottoman army or any other document of value, in which the name of the person related to the applicant is given, and hence proof of kinship through legally approved evidence.

The lawyer’s job here is to verify the value and validity of the documents, in addition to submitting the application to the competent court and following up on the progress of the file until the court’s naturalization decision is issued.

The process of naturalization through assets takes about 8 months, on average.

4.  Exceptional Turkish citizenship

Turkey grants it to certain Syrians, particularly those with competence, who reside in its territory and have benefited from the right to international protection.

The nomination for exceptional Turkish citizenship is usually selective by the Turkish authorities, and the naturalization stages extend on average for about a year and a half.

Why choose a lawyer of the Gars Company to obtain Turkish citizenship?

The Gars Consulting Company started its work at the beginning of the previous decade of the second millennium, specifically in 2012 represented by Imtilak Real Estate Company, before the Gars Consulting Company formed its entity affiliated with the Imtilak Group.

Gars Consulting Company provided its advanced services in the Turkish citizenship services until the number of those obtaining Turkish citizenship denied by the services of the Gars Consulting Company until the date of writing this article was about 1,700 people, the vast majority of whom are real estate investors.

The team of the Gars Consulting Company includes Arab and Turkish jurists who have experience with great experience and skill, with constant knowledge of the latest laws issued by decision-makers in Turkey.


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