An overview of the tax on social media influencers in Turkiye

Within the revolution of the spread of social networking sites and their common use among people, and beyond the stage of being only sites for exchanging messages and data, social media has become influential platforms that brought many of its pioneers to the world of fame and making money, and it has also become one of the legitimate means of earning in our time.

Accordingly, many governments around the world have corrected this matter by including profit and earning through the pages of social networking sites for individuals among the funds that are worth paying taxes on.

Turkiye was among the countries that ended the dispute in this regard through the amendments it made to the tax law in October of the year 2021, according to which a tax was officially imposed on the income of social media influencers.

An overview of the tax on social media

Who is the tax on social media influencers in Turkiye?

According to the legislative amendments to the Turkish tax law in 2021, a fixed value of 15% is deducted annually from the total income of influencers on social networking sites, whether from text, visual or audio content.

As the influencers on social networking sites open a bank account in one of the Turkish banks operating inside the country, those proceeds are transferred to that account, and the bank is obligated to deduct 15% of the total income annually.

It is mentioned that if the influencer’s income exceeds the value declared during the year by the government, it is subject to the regular income tax system of 35%, for example, the declared value during 2022, which when exceeded by social media influencers, they must pay income tax is 880,000 TL.

An overview of the tax on social media

How much is the tax rate for social media influencers?

The income tax rate for social media influencers in Turkiye is 15% of the total income annually, and if the income exceeds the limit authorized by the Turkish government annually (880,000 TL according to 2022), the income is then subject to the ordinary income tax, which amounts to 35%.

Is it possible to get an exemption from the tax on social media influencers?

In general, social media influencers in Turkiye are subject to the general tax exemption system without allocation, and they are originally subject to a reduced tax value of 15% other than the income tax of 35%.

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