The Turkish passport attracts large numbers of investors, due to its importance, especially the Arabs among them. Therefore, in order to obtain a Turkish passport, some of them buy a property in Turkey or invest in it to obtain Turkish citizenship and then obtain a Turkish passport.

The Turkish passport ranks 38th globally among the most powerful passports in the world, which made Arab investors accept to open projects in Turkey to ensure obtaining it, and being able to enter most countries of the world.

What is the Turkish green passport and what are its advantages?

The Green Turkish Passport is one of the most important Turkish passports, as it is called the private passport, and it is known to the public as the green passport.

The importance of the Green Turkish Passport is that its holders can enter the countries that exempt them from entry visas after agreements were concluded between the Turkish government and the governments of those countries, which number up to 160 countries around the world.

Countries that a Turkish Green Passport holder can enter

Green passport holders can enter (160) countries around the world without a visa, including China, the Czech Republic, the United Arab Emirates, Scandinavian countries such as Sweden and Finland, and European Union countries such as Germany, France, and Spain.

Who can obtain a green passport?

The Green Passport is granted to former members of the Turkish government and parliament and their families, and to first, second and third class civil servants and their families, according to Turkish law.

Exporters and directors of exporting companies are also entitled to grant the green special passport with an amount ranging between (1-10) million dollars within 3 years to more than 3,000 exporters, with expectations that the number will reach (14) thousand exporters during the coming period.

The Turkish passport can be obtained through real estate or commercial investment or bank deposit, provided that the capital invested or deposited is not less than $500,000, provided that the property is not sold or the deposit amount is withdrawn three years before its date.

green turkish passport

How does Gars Consulting Company help you obtain a green Turkish passport?

Gars Company offers you its integrated services through:

  • Establish your company and clear all legal procedures.
  • Obtain Turkish citizenship by the amount invested.
  • Professionally managing legal accounts.
  • Follow up on financial matters until your exports reach the minimum level to obtain a Turkish green passport.
  • Your statement from the company's corporate archive adheres to high privacy and the way it organizes the papers of each company.

Gars company also gives you additional advantages when you deal with it and manage the affairs of your legal company, including:

  • Benefit from all the advantages offered by the Turkish government to exporters.
  • In the event that the investor does not obtain citizenship, we help you obtain Turkish citizenship by employing 50 Turkish people or with a capital of more than $500,000 for your company.

To obtain such services, all you have to do is contact our company advisor, or visit the Gars Consulting Company's website.

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