What is e-devlet?

E-devlet is an electronic system available via the Internet, launched by the Turkish government in 2008, and provides more than 4,000 services to Turkish citizens and foreigners with Turkish residency.

The “e-devlet” system can be accessed through the website on the web or through a special application for the system available through the Google Play store for the Android operating system for mobile phones and the App Store for the iPhone operating system.

The e-devlet system saves time and effort in getting many legal documents for the Turkish citizen or resident, carrying out many official transactions, and inquiring about penalties, fines, taxes, and others without resorting to reviewing government offices and departments. This comes within the framework of development and computerization of the civil system and digitization of transactions to reduce burdens on government departments.

The e-devlet system is continuously developed by the Turkish government, as many services are added and new transactions are made available within the system from time to time.

What are the most important services of e-devlet?

What are the most important services of e-devlet?

  • Issuance of a residence permit from e-devlet

The system of e-devlet allows the issuance of a residence document in Turkey with ease for all Turkish citizens or legal residents inside the country, where the residence document is requested in many transactions inside and outside Turkey.

The residence document can be gotten through the link or within the following steps:


  • Open the transaction owner’s e-devlet page by entering the residence ID number or the Turkish ID, and entering the code for his/her page.
  • Typing “Adres bilgisi” in the search bar
  • Choosing “Yerleşim Yeri (İkametgah) ve Diğer Adres Belgesi Sorgulama”
  • Accepting the terms of service and pressing continue “devam et”
  • Specifying the type of residence document (family or personal)
  • Choosing the entity to which the residence document will be submitted and the reason
  • The residence document is shown as a PDF file and can be downloaded and printed
  • Obtaining a travel permit from e-devlet

This service has recently been made available to Syrians and some Iraqis residing within the Turkish territory for temporary protection cardholders, as their movement between Turkish cities requires a prior travel permit from the Immigration Department.

The travel permit is obtained through the e-devlet system through the following steps:

  • Opening the e-devlet page of the owner of the transaction by entering the TC number of the temporary protection card and entering the code for his/her page.
  • Entering the “Göç İdaresi Genel Müdürlüğü” section through the search box on the page.
  • Pressing the (+) sign next to it written “Yeni başvuru”
  • Filling out the required data and information and submitting the application
  • The request is answered with acceptance or rejection, usually within a period of one to two days, and in the case of rejection, the immigration department in the city in which the person resides is reviewed and it is clarified that the application was submitted electronically and was rejected.
  • Getting a non-judgmental document from e-devlet

It is proof issued by the Turkish judiciary that the citizen or resident is free of any convictions or records of sentences and legal problems in Turkey, which is equivalent to a certificate of good conduct in some countries.

It is obtained from the e-devlet system through the following link:


  • Inquiries about mobile lines registered in your name

The e-devlet system allows the Turkish citizen or resident to inquire about the number, numbers, and what are of the mobile lines registered in his name, through the following link:


  • Inquiries about the number of cars registered in your name

The e-devlet system allows the Turkish citizen or resident to inquire about the number and type of cars registered in his name in Turkey, through the following link:


  • Knowing the driving fines by e-devlet

A Turkish citizen or resident in Turkey can inquire about the traffic violations registered on his car or cars registered in his name, and the number of financial fines due through which countries, through the following link:


  • Checking the validity of your driving license

Within its services, the e-devlet system provides Turkish citizens and residents with the ability to identify the type and validity of the driving certificate, through the following link:


  • Inquire about a request to obtain or amend a Turkish driving license

The Turkish law allows many foreign residents to amend their driving license in Turkey, or to obtain a new Turkish driving license, and the application is submitted through the e-devlet system through the following link:


  • Knowing the garage in which the reserved cars were placed

Cars that violate traffic and traffic laws in Turkey are seized, and in many cases, they are taken from their place on the spot through the trucks of the traffic police, and the place of seizure is inquired by the owner of the car through e-devlet via the following link:


  • Tax number on e-devlet website

Every Turkish citizen and resident in Turkey has his/her tax number, through which taxes are paid, bank accounts are opened, work permits and companies licensing, and the tax number of the resident or Turkish citizen can be inquired through the system of e-devlet by inquiring about “Vergi Numrasi”.

  • Inquiries about personal tax dues

The e-devlet system allows Turkish citizens and residents to inquire about their tax dues, through the following link:


  • Inquiries about real estate registered in your name

A Turkish citizen and resident in Turkey can find out the real estate registered in his name through the e-devlet system, through the following link:


  • Paying transfer fees when buying a new property

Ownership transfer fees are paid when buying a property through e-devlet for both Turkish citizens and residents with ease, through the following link:


  • Calculation of service days in SGK

The e-devlet system allows residents and Turkish citizens to inquire about their service period and the remaining period of their obtaining the right to retire and benefit from health and living insurance, provided that the citizen or resident is working regularly and registered with the Ministry of Labor, through the following link:


  • Inquiry about debts accumulated in the SGK for company owners

The owners of companies, Turkish citizens and foreigners in Turkey, can inquire about the payments and accumulated debts and dues to the Social Insurance Institution through e-devlet via the following link:


  • Booking an appointment in Turkish hospitals

The Turkish health system forces all Turkish hospitals to book a prior appointment for Turkish residents and citizens wishing to visit a specialist doctor, and this does not include emergency cases. The e-devlet system allows booking a pre-appointment in Turkish hospitals, and it is linked to the i-pulse health program of the Turkish Ministry of Health, so that each of them is implemented on the other, and this is through the following link:


  • Obtaining your medical information

The Turkish citizen and resident in Turkey can obtain all his/her medical information, the date of examinations, and results, in addition to visits to the hospital and medical reports through e-devlet. Where, for each visit to the hospital, all visit data are automatically filled out on the page.

  • Obtaining the Turkish health code HES for you and your family

After the global crisis of the spread of the Coronavirus, the Turkish government implemented the health code system for every citizen and resident in Turkey, to limit the spread of the virus by restricting the movement of infected people and contacts and preventing their entry into public places and their transportation by transportation, and in this regard, every citizen and resident of Turkey must obtain the health code.

Accordingly, the e-devlet system allows obtaining the health code for the citizen or resident for him and his family through the following link:


  • Opening the services of water and electricity through e-devlet

The e-devlet system offers the Turkish citizen and resident the possibility of opening and closing the services of water and electricity without consulting the specialized companies. It  also provides the ability to pay the resulting fees, in addition to paying bills due and others, through the following links:


It is the Turkish professional association that organizes tourism companies in Turkey, it was established in 1972 to organize the tourism sector in Turkey, at the same time, it provides support to all travel agencies operating in Turkey. One of its main tasks is to follow the tourism sector in Turkey and work to solve all problems regarding this field.

If you want to establish a tourism company in Turkey, you must obtain a Tursab license.

The merchant card is issued in Turkey from the chambers of commerce centers in the Turkish provinces, you can apply for it through the company’s legal accountant, as the accountant fills out a special form signed by the concerned person, and then the documents are delivered to the responsible employee who receives the request, after that, within ten days, the card or a business license is sent to the address of the company.

Usually, the legal accountant's fees are predetermined and are not related to the percentage of profits of the company or institution, also, the legal accounting must be of Turkish nationality.

The chartered accountant is the person legally authorized to manage all kinds of accounts of companies and institutions, and the accountant's work includes company accounts, feasibility studies, cost studies, financing, and so on, also, the accountant is the party authorized to deal as a mediator between the company or institution and between the other legal institutions in the country such as the Tax Authority, Social Insurance, banks, etc.

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