Gars Consulting Foundation has signed a model cooperation protocol with the Middle East Editors Network, with the aim of promoting cooperation and legal awareness among media professionals.

Model Cooperation Protocol between Gars and Network of Middle East Editors

Believing in the deep connection between law and the media, Gars Legal Consulting Foundation of the Imtilak Real Estate Group; a model cooperation protocol with one of the Middle East Editors Network, one of the major media networks, in the Middle East and North Africa.

This protocol was signed for a period of one year at the headquarters of the Gars Consulting Company in Mall of Istanbul, in the presence of representatives from both parties, in a commitment of great responsibility to spread legal awareness to all the spectrum of society - investors, academics, employees and others.

Introduction to the Middle East Editors Network

The Middle East Editors Network is a global network of all editors working in the visual, audio, readable and digital media in the countries of the Middle East and North Africa.

The Middle East Editors Network is a network registered in Vienna, Austria, with many headquarters and branches in Turkey, Denmark, and other countries around the world.

In its advisory body, the Network comprises a constellation of Arab press and media leaders, made up of members and members of the Council and heads of international press unions.

This media constellation's views, and their values, inform journalists to provide media content that inspires followers from readers and viewers.

The network of Middle East Editors organizes numerous events, inviting media symbols as guests and lecturers from all over the world. The editors of the Middle East also hold an annual digital media conference.

Vision in the Middle East Editors Network

Through training and effective communication to develop the performance of the media cadre, the network of Middle Eastern editors seeks to make great use of the vast potential and expertise of media skills.

The Middle East Network of Editors is providing professional training grants, adopting independent media support initiatives and striving to overcome all obstacles and obstacles that limit the productivity of the Network's work.

The network of editors of the Middle East is based on linking academic studies to practice and maintains cooperative relations with world training institutions and academies, which have deep experience, with a view to enriching Arab media content.

Targets in the Middle East Editors Network

Through the presence of a professional working team, with the expertise of excellence, the Middle East Editors Network seeks to provide useful content that draws public attention.

Building on its potential and interactive platforms, the Middle East Editors Network was able to approach the audience and reach the depth of the event.

The Network's dedicated respect for the diversity of cultures and the unity of human principles have contributed in one way or another to a valuable addition to the global media field.

Integrity and respect are the foundation of action in the network of Middle East editors, so we are working hard to highlight the facts.

It is the pioneering spirit of the network that motivates continued excellence and drives creativity and honesty in all actions based on neutrality, accuracy and inclusiveness.

The Middle East Network of Editors has a set of objectives in mind and is striving to achieve them, such as:

  • Provide a valuable addition to the global media field.
  • Activities designed to share the experiences of journalists around the world.
  • Encouraging entrepreneurs with local networks and independent media.
  • Undertake numerous activities, events and training courses aimed at training and developing the performance of media professionals in the Network.
  • The Middle East Editors' Network seeks to "connect" editors and media professionals by doing many meetings around the world.
  • Work to provide outstanding training and performances of technological developments worldwide, in order to develop the skills of digital media personnel.
  • To constantly seek communication and coordination with stakeholders at the regional and international levels in order to overcome the difficulties faced by employees in the exercise of their professional rights in the network.
  • Establishing principles of mutual respect, with a view to achieving positive communication between professionals and the surrounding society.
  • Promote the overall objectives of the Network by stimulating translation events, seminars, lectures and cultural activities.
  • Promoting translation to increase Arab knowledge content in the media
  • Issue scientific bulletins and periodicals at the web portal.

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