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How do I know the legal property suitable for Turkish citizenship?

To find out the appropriate property for Turkish citizenship from a legal point of view, it is necessary to first refer to the recent amendments to the Turkish citizenship laws that pertain to the value of the property. Through these amendments, the Turkish government decided to raise the value of the property that entitles its owner to obtain Turkish citizenship from $250,000 to $400,000.

In addition, some controls govern the issue of buying a property that is legally suitable for Turkish citizenship, as follows:

  • Not to sell the property for at least 3 years.
  • View the real estate appraisal report of the property, and find out whether this property guarantees obtaining Turkish citizenship or not.
  • Ensure the legal safety of the property by reviewing the Directorate of Land Registry and Land Survey in Turkey and reviewing the building permit and title deed.
  • Obtaining the real estate registry to confirm that the property is being sold to obtain Turkish citizenship for the first time.
  • The owner of the property must be of Turkish origin, not of Turkish nationality.
  • Pay the value of the property by bank transfer from the buyer's account from inside or outside Turkey to the seller's account inside Turkey.

What real estate is not suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship?

It is possible to find out which properties are not suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship by making sure of the following points:

  • Paying the value of the properties sold in installments unless it reaches the value of $400,000.
  • Paying the value of the property in cash by hand without relying on bank receipts, makes it one of the properties unsuitable for Turkish citizenship.
  • Buying fake real estate from some construction companies or brokerage companies that rely on fraud.
  • Violating real estate in terms of real estate appraisal, title deed, or building permit.

Real estate that does not meet the financial requirement for obtaining Turkish citizenship

As mentioned above, according to the recent amendments approved by the Turkish government to the Turkish Nationality Law, any property in Turkey whose value is less than $400,000 is not suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship.

In addition to these basic financial conditions, there are some properties that do not meet the requirements for obtaining Turkish citizenship, including:

Violating properties

It means the real estate that violates one of the conditions of real estate ownership or the conditions set for the property that guarantees its owner the acquisition of Turkish citizenship.

The controls that determine whether the property is legal or not can be defined as follows:

  • No building permit.
  • Failure to present the real estate appraisal document.
  • Failure to show the title deed.
  • Failure to comply with the required specifications in construction.
  • Not restricting the property in the title deed.

Based on the foregoing, any property that violates the laws cannot qualify its owner to obtain Turkish citizenship.

Real estate sold in installments

One of the most prominent conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate is that the value of the property should not be less than $400,000. If the investor chooses a property of the required value and makes a down payment of $100,000 or $250,000, and the rest in monthly installments, it is not possible to obtain Turkish citizenship.

But if the total property premiums exceed $400,000, the investor can apply for Turkish citizenship according to the bank receipts paid, regardless of other payments to complete the property value.

Real estate purchased from a foreign person

Buying real estate from a person of foreign origin, even if he holds Turkish citizenship, does not entitle the owner to apply for Turkish citizenship, because Turkish law sets the condition for buying real estate from a Turkish owner, which means that he does not belong to another nationality.

How to ensure that the property is suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship?

The suitability of the property to the condition of obtaining Turkish citizenship can be attained through the following points:

  • Verification of previous property owners

We can verify the previous owners of real estate by obtaining the title deed or what is known as the title deed, where the title deed is an official document organized by the Directorate of Land Registry for a specific property, and through which the ownership of the property in question is established for the person mentioned in the document.

In the title deed, detailed information about the property's specifications and area, as well as real estate survey numbers, and specifying the location of the property in question are mentioned.

The real estate title is only given to the owner of the real estate (the legal owner). As for the persons who own other rights in the property in question other than ownership (such as the lessor or the mortgagor), they are not given the title deed, and if the property is owned by more than one person, one document is given showing the share of each person among them. In the real estate, each of them can be given a special deed, but this does not mean that each of them obtains an independent deed for the real estate. Rather, it shows the share of the deed owner in the real estate, where he writes in the owner’s field the name of the deed owner with his share.

  • Payment in the Title Deed Department

Title deed fees are calculated on the basis of 4% of the property price, to be paid equally between the seller and the buyer.

  • Getting a real estate appraisal report

The real estate appraisal report is obtained by independent and specialized companies licensed by the Banking Regulation and Control Corporation, and the list of these companies is announced on the corporation’s website, where the real estate appraisal website of the mentioned corporation will be approved one.

The validity of the real estate appraisal report is 3 months, starting from the date of issuance of the report, and if the property is sold during this period, it is possible to use the report more than once, and its contents are as follows:

  1. Report information.
  2. Land registry information.
  3. Location, transportation, and surrounding information.
  4. Real estate legal audits.
  5. Technical, structural, and physical specifications of the property.
  6. Factors affecting the evaluation.
  7. Approach to assessing specific information.
  8. Real estate market investigation and research.
  9. The result.
  10. Restrictions and limits.

It should be noted that real estate appraisal reports issued by persons or companies will not be accepted if their name is not announced on this location.

  • Check the building permit

There are some misleading parties that sell fake real estate and claim that this real estate is suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship, and some of them may build houses or shops on land unfit for construction on the one hand, and do not comply with the conditions stipulated by the municipality on the other hand.

Therefore, in order to avoid falling into these machinations, you must review the building permit, make sure of the information contained therein, and verify the conformity of this information on the ground.

Violations due to which obtaining Turkish citizenship is canceled by buying a property

There are some cases that are described as violations in the real estate world, and cause the Turkish citizenship to be withdrawn from its owner when involved in it, and here we point out these violations so that investors can avoid them:

  • Selling the property before 3 years of buying it.
  • The process of buying the property from a foreign owner.
  • Pay the value of the property by hand without using bank receipts.
  • Buying a property without reviewing the real estate appraisal report, and not verifying the information contained therein.
  • Buying real estate in installments without observing the stipulated conditions.
  • Signing the title deed without verifying that the information on the property matches the reality on the ground.
  • Buying a property without having seen a building permit.
  • Buying a property originally sold for the purpose of Turkish citizenship.

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