Learn about the services provided by the Gars Consulting Company, which is one of the most important legal companies in Turkey for holders of Turkish citizenship.

The services of Gars Consulting Company in the post-acquisition stage of Turkish citizenship

With the aim of facilitating all procedures related to the post-acquisition stage of Turkish citizenship, Gars company offers a range of services, the most important of which are:

●     Completion of real estate ownership documents for naturalized persons

When buying a property in Turkey, the title deed is the official document that proves the owner's right to his property, and despite the variety of forms of real estate bonds in Turkey, Gars Consulting company provides legal services to holders of Turkish citizenship, including all types of title deeds in Turkey.

It also provides services related to getting the tax number, which is required in many official transactions related to the purchase of real estate and the opening of bank accounts in Turkish state institutions.

Moreover, experts in the Gars Company review the real estate broker in order to obtain the original title deed documents and to provide all Turkish citizenship services represented in completing the documents related to all forms of real estate ownership for naturalized persons in Turkey.
Gars Transactions After Obtaining Turkish Citizenship

●     Legal services for holders of Turkish citizenship

Gars Consulting company, with its professional cadres in Turkish laws, provides you with the legal services that must be carried out in the post-acquisition stage of Turkish citizenship, which are represented in the following:

  1. Getting the name equivalency document, which is known in Turkish as “İsim Denklik Belgesi”, from the Directorate of Population. This document shows the name and personal information before and after Turkish citizenship.
  2. Issuance of the exemption document from military service through the review of the Military Division, for people who obtained Turkish citizenship after the age of 23 years.
  3. Update the phone number or get a new number in the Turkish passport.
  4. Starting the process of obtaining a driver's license.

●     Services related to health issues for the Turkish citizen

The Gars Consulting company pays great attention to providing health services to holders of Turkish citizenship, as it works to get all types of health insurance and social security, which are known in Turkey as SGK, according to which the Turkish citizen can benefit from treatment services in government hospitals for free, and obtain medicines at prices discounted.

In addition to the health insurance service, we can register the vaccine (COVID vaccination registration) that you obtained before naturalization, in the system of the Ministry of Health in Turkey to be recognized in Turkey, and we also guarantee the provision of all these insurances as soon as possible, at competitive prices, for all groups age.
After Obtaining Turkish Citizenship

●     Services related to financial and economic transactions for new naturalized persons

Among the services related to financial and economic transactions provided by the Gars Consulting Company to citizens who have obtained Turkish citizenship:

  1. Getting the tax number from the Tax Directorate in Turkey.
  2. Reviewing the bank to update the personal data according to the Turkish passport.
  3. Obtaining the necessary bank cards that were not previously obtained before acquiring Turkish citizenship.

Why Gars Consulting company?

Gars Consulting company devotes all its human energies, with its vast experience in legislation and laws, to provide all legal services in Turkey, whether services related to obtaining Turkish citizenship in all available ways (real estate ownership - bank deposit - buying bank shares), or services that related to completing post-nationality transactions (all procedures related to banks, economic transactions, health insurance, and education).

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