What is adoption?

It is to take a human being, a child, whether male or female, as his or her son and not as his or her son in origin, and the adoptive person thus attributes the child to the right son's parentage, and legally establishes to that child all the rights, that the child has his or her original surname from his or her biological father to a new lineage.

Is adoption forbidden?

Adoption is forbidden in Islam without a doubt. Islam forbade adoption, which is: a person attributes to himself someone who is not his son, and his wife did not give birth to him on his bed, so he attributes him to himself, gives him his name and surname, and becomes one of the family members.

Adoption was known among the Arabs in the pre-Islamic era, and it was well-known among the Romans, and among many nations, and it was the right of man to adopt whomever he wanted, and enter into his family whomever he wanted, so Islam came and restored things to their right and forbidden, and invalidated it with the text of the Qur’an.

Adoption law in Turkey

By decision of the court, Turkish law permits adoption other than Arab laws, so that a Turkish citizen or family may adopt a child under 18 years of age and grant him Turkish citizenship, provided that his presence does not pose a threat to security and public order, as provided for in article 17 of the relevant law of the Turkish Nationality Act, No. 5901.

Conditions for adoption in Turkey

  • Submission of the application for adoption to the Turkish Directorate of Family, Labour, and Social Services to assess the interests of the child and the status of the applicant
  • Being healthy, not suffering from chronic diseases, alcoholics, or drugs
  • A criminal record for the applicant and for collecting his family members
  • Bank statement and property statement
  • Family statement
  • Housing address document
  • The adopter must be over 30 years old or have been married for at least 5 years.
  • There must be an 18 year age difference between the child and the adopter.
  • Consent of the mother and father of the adopted child, if any.
  • Care for the child for at least one year prior to adoption procedures
  • The adoptee must have completed primary education.
  • If the child is able to distinguish, the consent of the child.
  • If the child is under guardianship, consent of the legal guardian.
  • That the interest and benefit of the child be present in this procedure.

What are the conditions related to the age of the adopted person in Turkey?

By court decision, Turkish law permits a Turkish citizen or family to adopt a foreign child under the age of 18 and grant him Turkish citizenship, provided that his presence does not pose a threat to security and public order.

adoption in Turkey

Is the Turk entitled to adopt a foreign child?

  • Yes, he is entitled, provided that the above-mentioned adoption conditions are met.
  • The child must be legally appropriate, and in terms of the consent of the child’s guardian, whether his mother or father
  • The approval of the Ministry of Social Affairs in the country of the child is required.

Is a foreigner entitled to adopt a Turkish child?

Yes, he is entitled, provided that the above-mentioned adoption conditions are met, in addition to the approval of the Turkish Ministry of Social Affairs.

Documents required to obtain Turkish citizenship by adoption?

In the event that the adoption, by a Turkish man or woman, of a foreign child, he is entitled to obtain Turkish citizenship, and attach the required documents:

  • Court adoption decision
  • Document from the Department of Population establishing the child's parentage
  • Personal photos
  • Residential address
  • A medical report proving that the child is free of serious diseases.
  • Child's birth document
  • A copy of the Turkish marriage certificate

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How is Turkish citizenship granted to the adopted person?

Citizenship shall be granted to the adopted child, after the completion and submission of the required papers, to the Department of Population, in accordance with article 17 of the relevant Law of the Turkish Citizenship Act No. 5901, in which the adopter receives the full rights and duties provided for in the Turkish Law.


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