permanent residence permit

It is a residence permit granted to foreigners who stayed in Turkey under a residence permit for no less than eight continuous years.

Foreigners who have stayed in Turkey under a residence permit for no less than eight consecutive years, and foreigners who fulfill the conditions set by the Immigration Policy Foundation, are granted a long-term residence permit with the approval of the Turkish Ministry of Interior.

The applicant can obtain a long-term residence after fulfilling the conditions mentioned in Article 43 of the Foreigners and International Protection Act, which are:

  • The foreigner has resided for at least eight continuous years in Turkey
  • The foreigner should not have received any social assistance in the last three years.
  • The foreigner has a source of income sufficient for his/her livelihood and as well as his/her family if any.
  • The foreigner must have valid health insurance.
  • The foreigner does not pose a threat to public order and security in Turkey.

1.    What documents do I need for Turkish residence?

There are some documents required to apply for a permanent residence permit in Turkey, they are:

  • Residence permit application form.
  • The original and an original copy of the passport or travel document.
  • Submit the previous residence permit document.
  • Two personal photos the same size as passport photos.
  • Clean criminal record document.
  • Medical Insurance (Sigorta).
  • Permanent residence permit application.
  • Home address.

The previous documents are submitted in one file to the Turkish Ministry of Interior - General Directorate of Immigration Management.

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