Legal accounting

Legal accounting

At Gars Consulting, we guarantee you professional legal accounting services, including:

  • Organizing commercial records
  • Procedures of the health insurance institutions
  • Sending official reports and data
  • Preparing official financial statements
  • Organizing tax benefits

Who is the chartered accountant?

He is a person who has obtained an official permit and approved by the Turkish state to practice this activity, which the company implements to be its representative before the Turkish state in all its legal procedures and financial dealings. The job of the chartered accountant is to take on a number of specific activities within the spectrum of accountancy, such tasks include auditing financial statements, filing of corporate tax returns, and financial advising... Etc., in addition to registering them with state departments, submitting periodic official financial statements and lists to the state, following up on the company’s tax entitlement, following up on work permits, and so on.

The presence of a chartered accountant in Turkey is considered a prerequisite for financial transactions between the company and departments of the Turkish government.


Chartered accountant’s importance to companies and institutions

The importance of the chartered accountant is mainly to provide accurate ‎advisory information for the company that he/she represents, to avoid ‎falling in illegal matters regarding dealings with government regulations, also ‎the presence of the chartered accountant contributes to good dealing with ‎company taxes.‎


What does a sworn chartered accountant ratify?

The sworn chartered accountant ratifies many documents issued by the company that he/she represents such as the ratification of VAT support procedures, ratification the procedures of capital payment verification, opened credit by banks to customers, ratifying customs statements, ratifying the procedures related to goods purchased internally without VAT, ratifying procedures of the VAT deduction rate... and many other documents.


Legal specialties of the sworn chartered accountant

  • Establishing commercial records

Through establishing external commercial records of the import and export and the internal commercial records of the sale and purchase, in addition to recording expenses and everything related to these subjects, also is the chartered accountant is responsible for them before the competent authorities.

  • Procedures of the health insurance institutions

Through preparing salary and wage tables, calculating the due compensations, ‎establishing health insurance files, calculating workers’ retirement times, health ‎insurance procedures, trademarks registering and providing legal advice in ‎regards to all of that.‎

  • Sending reports and data

Through preparing the statement of employees’ working hours and sending it to ‎the labor office, preparing the financial reports for social security premiums, ‎sending the financial reports and statement of the company regarding the due ‎taxes to the Ministry of Finance in addition to the stamp tax, the temporary tax, ‎annual income tax, corporation tax, the value-added tax, in addition to sending ‎any other special report the nature of the company’s business and the type of its ‎practiced business may require.

  • Preparing financial tables

By preparing and organizing the company’s monthly and annual budget reports on time, including expenses and profits.

  • Following up on paying taxes and health insurance premiums

By paying the due payments and taxes that the company has to pay either in cash or by bank deposit according to the approved methods in Turkey.

  • Following up the work and correspondence with official departments

This includes registering the company or institution in the Turkish Chamber of Commerce, and everything related to changing the name and logo, selling or liquidating shares of the company, and all transactions related to official government departments such as the Labor office, Health Insurance Department, Chamber of Commerce, elderly pension fund, public notary, municipality...


What are the working hours of the chartered accountant (financial advisor) and the sworn financial advisor?

The work hours of the chartered accountant in Turkey are usually set between 9 am and 5 pm Monday to Friday, and Saturday and Sunday are the official days off.

Types of taxes

  • Stoppage tax (rental contract)

It is a tax estimated according to the value of the company’s headquarters lease contract (the official headquarters), the tax value is one-fourth of the lease contract value.

  • The company’s monthly financial statement Tax

It is a low tax that is paid to the tax department monthly.

  • Value added tax (KDV)

It is an indirect tax imposed on all goods and services that are bought and sold by companies and establishments, but with some exceptions, its value in Turkey varies according to the type of the provided service or product.

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