Everyone in Turkey is entitled to obtain a tax number, except in some cases.

Owners of expired passports, residence violators, and those who do not have a residential address are not entitled to obtain a tax number.

There is no cost for obtaining a tax number in Turkey
Nothing happens, all you have to do is go to the tax department to get it itself.
There is no validity or expiration date for the tax number, so the number can be used with an open period.
Obtaining a tax number does not mean that any taxes have been incurred. Paying taxes entails having property or means of transportation, and getting a mobile phone does not require you to pay anything, but you pay when you buy a chip, and so is the tax number.
From the tax department building in each state, or through their website after the Coronavirus pandemic.

It is mainly different numbers from the residence card number or the identity number, and the tax number can be known after extracting it from the tax department.

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