short residence permit

Conditions of residence permit in Turkey vary according to its type. The main goal of the residence permit in Turkey is to grant a legal residence in Turkey for those wishing to stay in Turkey for work or truism.

The residence permit in Turkey is considered one of the short-term residence permits in Turkey.

The residence permit in Turkey can be Renewed by submitting the necessary documents to renew the tourist residence permit, which are:

-Residence permit application form

-A copy of the passport ratified by the notary.

- A copy of the current residence permit card.

- Four colored personal photos with white background

- Health insurance

- Address verification.

- A copy of the application fee payment receipt

A date of renewing the residence permit can be reserved for those outside Turkey, then they must come on the appointment date to the interview, taking into account that the Turkish state no longer accepts renewing the residence permit without an acceptable reason.

The short-term residence permit is rejected, canceled if granted, or may not be extended after expiring in the following cases:

  • Failure to fulfill one of the conditions required to obtain a residence permit.
  • If proven that the residence permit has been used contrary to the purpose for which it has been granted.
  • If there is a deport decision outside of Turkey or if there is a decision that prevents the applicant from entering the country.
  • Breaching the period required to reside outside Turkey for foreigners who entered it before.

The fees paid in the finance department differs according to the nationality of the applicant, as for the cost of health insurance, its value is determined depending on the age group of that person, where this matter varies greatly between one nationality and the other according to age groups.

The residence card is issued and sent to the address of the applicant by government mail PTT during 30 to 90 days at most since the date of receiving the documents, and it is valid for one or two years (according to what is mentioned in the application).
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