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It is the Turkish professional association that organizes tourism companies in Turkey, it was established in 1972 to organize the tourism sector in Turkey, at the same time, it provides support to all travel agencies operating in Turkey. One of its main tasks is to follow the tourism sector in Turkey and work to solve all problems regarding this field.

If you want to establish a tourism company in Turkey, you must obtain a Tursab license.

The merchant card is issued in Turkey from the chambers of commerce centers in the Turkish provinces, you can apply for it through the company’s legal accountant, as the accountant fills out a special form signed by the concerned person, and then the documents are delivered to the responsible employee who receives the request, after that, within ten days, the card or a business license is sent to the address of the company.

Usually, the legal accountant's fees are predetermined and are not related to the percentage of profits of the company or institution, also, the legal accounting must be of Turkish nationality.

The chartered accountant is the person legally authorized to manage all kinds of accounts of companies and institutions, and the accountant's work includes company accounts, feasibility studies, cost studies, financing, and so on, also, the accountant is the party authorized to deal as a mediator between the company or institution and between the other legal institutions in the country such as the Tax Authority, Social Insurance, banks, etc.

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